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Dr. Stacia Alexander is a renowned expert in the field of mental health, corporate wellness, and life style management. Her remarkable journey through academia and professional life has not only showcased her extensive knowledge but has also highlighted her exceptional speaking abilities. 

She possesses an innate talent for capturing her audience’s attention from the very beginning. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and convey complex ideas in a simple and relatable manner sets her apart as a remarkable speaker.

Whether she’s addressing a packed auditorium or conducting an intimate workshop, Dr. Alexander’s words have the power to resonate with her audience.

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I Call Foul on Mental Health

In my unwavering commitment to eradicating the stigmas associated with mental health, I am resolute in engaging in the difficult dialogues that must be had. Drawing from decades of experience in aiding individuals in their journey to overcome challenges and traumas, I have also facilitated their comprehension of how the everyday choices they make can significantly influence their mental well-being. Join me in exploring “I Call Foul on Mental Health,” a series of candid discussions delving into the profound effects of prolonged social media usage, the evolving landscape of the contemporary workplace, dietary decisions, and the ever-shifting political climate on our mental health.

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Dr. Stacia Alexander is a fervent advocate for interactive engagement with her audience. She doesn’t just deliver information; she fosters conversations, encourages questions, and actively involves her audience in the discourse. Her interactive approach ensures that her presentations are not only informative but also encourage active participation, making them highly effective in conveying her message.

Dr. Stacia Alexander’s delivery style is characterized by clarity, confidence, and empathy. Her demeanor exudes authority without intimidation, and her body language conveys sincerity and compassion. This impactful delivery not only captures her audience’s attention but also leaves a profound and lasting impression.

Another remarkable aspect of Dr. Stacia Alexander’s expertise is her versatility. She adeptly navigates diverse topics within mental health, corporate training, and advocacy, ranging from fostering employee well-being to promoting diversity and inclusion in corporate environments. Her ability to adapt ensures that she can connect with a wide range of audiences, no matter the context.

The true measure of a great expert lies in their ability to inspire change and action. Dr. Stacia Alexander has consistently made her mark on audiences worldwide. Her thought-provoking presentations have motivated individuals, empowered corporate teams, and ignited advocacy efforts. Her work has spurred positive change in mental health awareness, corporate training strategies, and advocacy initiatives.

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In the domains of mental health, corporate training, and advocacy, Dr. Stacia Alexander stands as an exemplar of expertise and influence. Her extensive knowledge, interactive engagement, versatility, impactful delivery, and undeniable influence on audiences make her an invaluable asset in these crucial areas. Whether you’re seeking to enhance mental health awareness, refine corporate training approaches, or champion advocacy causes, Dr. Alexander’s expertise serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration on your journey to success and positive change.


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Dr. Stacia Alexander welcomes speaking engagements for a fee, leveraging her expertise to provide valuable insights and inspiration to a wide range of audiences. As part of her commitment to making a positive impact on society, she also sets aside space in her schedule for a select number of pro bono engagements exclusively for non-profit organizations, demonstrating her dedication to supporting noble causes and fostering positive change.  Please be prepared to discuss the budget you have established to compensate speakers for their preparation time, delivery time, knowledge, and expertise at the time of the request.