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I recognize professionals and high achievers deal with the stressors of success without truly understanding the impact it has on their mental health. I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of addressing all aspects of success, positive and negative, as a tool for handling those difficult times – which are more often than not the reason people are distracted and fail to meet their goals. In my work with couples, I work alongside them to place the marriage as the priority. The efforts are to remove barriers causing a disruption of peace.
I help people change the dialogue from mental illness to mental health to create a much more accepting environment for accessing preventive care. In doing so, they become more receptive to embracing the need for therapeutic interventions as commonplace as other forms of healthcare.
I have been practicing full time for over 20 years and feel absolutely blessed to have been active in a renaissance time for mental health, especially in minority communities. We are embracing the need for preventative and maintenance therapy like no other time in history.
I would love to work with you to help you achieve the peace you are seeking.

The Emotionality of Success recognizes the components of the journey to success that do not receive the attention they deserve especially considering how much of an impact it has on the trajectory of our lives.   Many people receive training and guidance on building skill sets to prepare for their chosen industry  as well other auxiliary skills to complement their growth.  

Consequently, professional mentoring overshadows the need for emotional regulation and management during the same journey. Rarely do people maneuver through their experiences without having some emotional challenges along the way. 

I provide training and consultations to aide in developing programming and assistance to not only identify but to also assist successful people manage the emotional experiences associated with growth to achieve goals in the professional, relationships, spiritual and self-care areas of their lives. 

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Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor

As the founder and executive director of Positive Influences, I have managed a diverse group of clinicians skilled at providing quality evaluation and treatment services to individuals (children, women, and men), families, and groups.  She has been a full time practicing clinician for over 20 years.  I schedule appointments at my Dallas location or virtually. 

I enjoy training the next generation of counselors and mental health professionals. Contact me for information on LPC-Supervision

Keynote, Workshop, Seminars,  & Panelist Formats

My extensive knowledge of human psychology has served as a scholarly springboard to assess and connect with spiritual, professional, and corporate audiences around the country.   My energy is contagious and I am skilled at delivering masterful presentations sure to wow your audience.  

Please complete the Inquiry form to contact me about speaking at your next event! I do have a speaking fee and welcome the opportunity to display my book at mutually beneficial events. 

Lifestyle Guides, Workbooks, and Curriculum

I am the creator and self-proclaimed Accountability Ambassador spearheading the August Accountability Series an annual month-long workshop teaching the Psychology of Success based on four core constructs.   

Along with my family, I co-authored “The Balancing Act,” a family guide sharing our experiences in faith and family.  The ultimate family guide for generations to come.  It speaks to the family who wants to embrace core values for raising children. 

Digital Formats Podcast, Youtube, and Facebook

As America’s #1 Success Strategist, I discuss The Emotionality Success by interviewing successful people to highlight the varying vectors of the journey.  By having transparent conversation from people of all walks of life, we steadily remove the stigma of mental health and begin to integrate care into normal health care and self-care routines.

I would love to speak with you about your journey to success! Submit now for information. 

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