Why not me?

24 April 2013
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24 April 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Why not me?

favHmm, have you ever asked yourself that question?  Perhaps you have when you watch someone else’s fortune or privileges.  You may wonder why are good things not happening  with you? Why not me (WNM)?

But have you ever asked WNM in the face of adversity?  Usually, when people are facing a challenge, they question, “Why me?” Many years ago, I stopped asking “Why me?” and began asking “(WNM)?”  When I began asking the second question, I became more in tuned with God’s plan was for my life.  In asking, “WNM?” I was saying to Him that I was open to the lessons He had for me.

It became a challenge for to stand still for the pruning that God was doing in my life.  When a bush is pruned, the expectation is that the next season will reveal a host of bountiful flowers that are prettier or heartier than the first batch.

So, when I’m getting pruned through my hardships, challenges, and losses, I stand still.  God is pruning me for the next season of growth.  If, like the bush, I had the weight of the old and dead leaves, it would hinder my growth and I wouldn’t be strong enough for the next batch or flowers.  Or perhaps, the next batch wouldn’t bloom because they were choked out by the overgrowth.    The pruning prepares me for the crop that is waiting to emerge.   In my standing still, I look to him for comfort and relief even when it seems like my cries and prayers are unanswered.

The pruning represented the hardships that I once questioned “Why Me?” when they railroaded my life.  I felt like a victim to  the circumstances with a sense of despondency that seemed endless.  When I began asking WNM?, a sense of empowerment seeped into my life that created a sense of strength and resolve to not only survive but to conquer hardships.  And when I saw the outcome – the beautiful and bountiful flowers (growth), I knew my spirit was right with God.

He has a plan for each of our lives.  When we began to question WNM?, we will look for the lessons in hardships, the growth, and outcome.   Also, when we ask WNM?, we don’t fret over the overgrowth that was pruned – a bad relationship, a dead end job, a bad investment, etc.   Instead, we begin to thank God for the deliverance from things that were preventing our growth.   And as the flowers emerge, we praise God for deliverance from hardships and deliverance to the doorstep of what He had in store for us all along.


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