When your tights are too small!

9 April 2013
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9 April 2013, Comments: Comments Off on When your tights are too small!

Most mothers can appreciate that many mornings you do not have the time you cut out for yourself to prepare for the day because of tending to the needs of your loved ones.  My careful plans of laying my clothes out the night prior, preparing my veggies and fruit for my juice mix, and placing all of my  necessary items by the door were expertly executed.  I left my home in with the blessings of my husband ready to conquer the day.   To add to the prior night’s prep and the morning’s activities, the drive to work was wonderful.  It was not until I was unpacking my container for the day’s tasks that I felt the crawl begin around my stomach.  I shifted a little and continued working, thinking that a minor shake of the hips and twitch of the leg would resolve the matter.   I kept working but with each movement, the itch and twitch became increasingly difficult to ignore. No problem – going to the bathroom for a minor adjustment was not a problem – you just have to do it sometimes and I had plenty of time because I’d planned and prepared.  In the bright light of the public bathroom, I realized I’d put on my teenaged daughter’s tights!  Now, at this point, I knew I had a problem.  There was no way I could stand the entire day presenting to conference attendants with my tights losing the fight with gravity.  So, I harried through a quick assessment; legs shaved, legs moisturized, skirt is knee length.  Yes, you guessed it right, tights went into the brief case and the show went on as planned.

When your tights are too small, you are uncomfortable much like when you are in a difficult situation that you knew would be problematic.  You thought you could handle it with a few minor adjustments because, initially, it looks so good.  When you really inspect the situation, as I did under the bright lights of the public restroom, you realize that the situation is not a good fit for you at all – it’s fighting an uphill battle, it’s constricting, and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable.   You get to twitching and shaking to those around you because you complain and moan about your discomfort.   They can see that you need to take the tights off but you’re still trying to make them fit – stretching and pulling to make a wrong situation right.

At this point, it’s time to get into a bright light and make some determinations on how to relieve the itch and the twitch.    It’s time to make choices to increase peace and not settle for chaos and disharmony as if they are the only things available.

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