The Yellow Brick Road is Not Where It’s At!

19 January 2016
19 January 2016, Comments: 2

I liked the Wizard of Oz a lot.   That is, up until I saw the WIZ.  It was like the difference between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which was good) and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (which was delicious)!!! Hush, you all think about childhood memories too, especially around this time of the year.  Those toasted and buttered ham and cheese sandwiches cut into two triangles could make a rainy day shine!


We are all thinking about what we will do differently this year as compared to last year or yesteryear’s.  And far too many of us are thinking about what others are doing to get these“fantabulous” lives they are living.   We look on social media and question what we are doing wrong because it seems like everyone else is having so much fun.


Remember on the yellow brick road, the main characters were looking for a missing piece of themselves from some grand-master who, supposedly, had all of the answers.  They had all types of experiences along the way and failed to see how meaningful they were because they were so focused on getting to Oz,  And then what happened when they arrived at Oz? They had it within themselves, all along.


That’s what we’ve done.  We keep looking to Oz (other people and their lives), thinking they have all of the answers.   The yellow brick road is not where it’s at! We are missing out on the little things which make our lives meaningful and substantial.  It’s the relationships that have withstood the years.  The lessons we have had which made us smarter and stronger.  The family members with whom we have laughed with heartily for years.  Along the way, all of these experiences have molded us into who we are today.  If we look at the true person God created us to be, we will create a much more meaningful life than if we ran down the yellow brick road looking for a wizard.
Dig in now to create meaningful experiences that will last longer than a Snapchat story.  Stop trying to follow everyone on the yellow brick road and hike off on another trail that will prove far more beneficial for you.

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