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8 March 2016
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8 March 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Boundaries

Most things change and as with many other things in my life over the last year, my neighborhood sanctuary has changed also. Our little […]

16 February 2016
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The Importance of Praying Over Your Children

16 February 2016, Comments: Comments Off on The Importance of Praying Over Your Children

Families come through the office doors every day looking for answers to help their children feel better, do better, act better, behave better, sleep […]

19 January 2016
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The Yellow Brick Road is Not Where It’s At!

19 January 2016, Comments: 2

I liked the Wizard of Oz a lot.   That is, up until I saw the WIZ.  It was like the difference between a peanut […]

12 January 2016
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Does God Whisper to You?

12 January 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Does God Whisper to You?

My son turned 19 years old this month and I did not cry. That’s a huge milestone for me because I truly was unprepared […]