Stop Going in the Storm!

24 September 2013
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24 September 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Stop Going in the Storm!

day 8You know I am a person of accountability which I think contributes to why I am harder on myself than anyone else.  If you asked my grandmother, she’d talk about my degrees, my house, my kids (who can do no wrong in her eyes) and how much joy I bring to her.  Don’t start a conversation with my dad about “Shorty.”  You’d never get a chanse to speak to anyone else at the party.  And shy as she is, my mom would talk for nearly an hour about how good our relationship is after having a very trying mother/daughter teen time.  But I know me and I know that some of the choices I make, result in negative consequences.  So, when I hear people saying they are tired of getting rained on, my first response is, “Stop going out in the storm!”

Sometimes, we are forced into the storms of our lives; job loss, illness, natural disasters, etc.  But sometimes, we walk directly into the storm knowing full well that there is thundering, lightning, hail, and flooding.  We fool ourselves into saying, if I run fast enough, I won’t get soaked.  If I put a box top over my head, the hail won’t injure me.  Wait, wait, if I stay away from the tree, I won’t get hit by lightening.

Practically speaking, I’ll buy the larger house and won’t over exert myself trying to pay the mortgage – I can handle it.  I will buy another car – it won’t break down and cause me even more expenses.  We can have another kid – nothing’s going to happen.  It’s not until you are in the middle of the storm that you start thinking you probably should have stayed right where you were. But instead of accepting responsibility for getting wet (oftentimes soaked through and through), you pray and/or beg for relief from the storm.

Come out of the storm.  Stop being battered by the hail.  Stop dodging the lightning strikes.  Stop wading in the flood waters.  Think about your decisions. Think about your consequences. Think about how you will do it differently next time or maybe not even do it all. sun halo 2

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