Spiritual Devotion & Sacrifice

Specific Time for Spiritual Devotion & A Willingness to Sacrifice for Growth

The spiritual quadrant is such a powerful component of accountability work because we are too often depleted in this area.   Create a space to clear your head and focus totally on what your spirit needs to feel grounded and at peace.  That is such a phenomenal starting place for the day! If you can base everything out of feeling spiritually connected, you will see a level of peace unlike any you have ever known.  


Try these exercises to create a focus on your spiritual wellness: 

  1.  Choose a devotional aligned with where you are in other areas in your life.  If you are struggling with grief, choose a devotional for those going through grief.  If you just started a family, choose a devotional for new families (mothers, fathers, etc.). 
  2. Use a journal to record your thoughts during your devotional time. You will have the space to get your thoughts in the atmosphere where they are more readily available for you to manage. 
  3. And make time for prayer.  Just talking with God to clear your mind and your soul.  

Once you have sacrificed your time for spiritual devotion, then plan how much you are willing to sacrifice to focus on your growth.  We get so caught up in being seen that we struggle with the alone time needed to truly develop where we want to excel.  We have an entire generation suffering under the weight of a low work ethic.  


How much are you willing to sacrifice to soar? Or you giving up after one month, one quarter, one year? How much are you devoting to honing your craft?  Your sacrifice is almost always related to your outcomes.  

August Accountability

I started August Accountability by hosting vision board parties.  Never in my life have I had such low attendance at a party.  People simply were not embracing the idea of creating vision boards.  Now you see them everywhere.  Perhaps, I was a little before my time. However, I continued to work on the foundation for the vision board party and it led to August Accountability: 31 Days of Action.   Now, I am hosting huge Accountability Parties for ladies with the same premise I had for the vision board party – get some order about your goals and be more intentional about your plans to reach those goals. This will ultimately result in a greater sense of overall peace.  

Each year, I continue to study and develop the program and each year more people participate in the program.  Had I not sacrificed the time and attention to develop the program, I would have severely shortchanged my passion.  

Stop shortchanging yourself and those around you who will be blessed by your passion.  What are you going to commit to this year and sacrifice the time and attention needed to develop it further? 

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