Pray for Power Over Your Perspective

Colossians 4:2

Never stop praying.  Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful. 


I have the power of prayer and will use it to bring peace to myself and others around me.  

My grandmother’s sister prayed about everything during my childhood.  I vividly recall her whispers, “Lord, keep us as we go down this road to pick up groceries.” “Lord, help Staci be good in Sunday school today.” “Lord, thank you for the sun.”  I mean she called out to God for everything.  So, when my chihuahua came up missing one summer day, I asked my mama to take me to Aunt Lucille’s house so I could send an emergency prayer up for that dog. 

I did not immediately ask her to pray for my dog.  This was new territory for me – asking someone to pray.  I had watched other women at the church ask her to pray but I had not considered asking for anything for myself, up until that point.Since I was new at this whole prayer request thing,  I told her of how sad I was about someone taking my dog.   Without my asking, Aunt Lucille did what I knew she would do, she prayed, “Lord, Staci is sad and needs you.  Be with her and help her feel better.”  

“Now wait a minute!” I screamed in my head.  That is not what I came over here for you to do.  I told her how I wanted her to pray for my dog to come home and not to just feel better.  I had observed woman after woman at the church ask my auntie to pray for them.  It was not until that moment I realized, I never heard my aunt’s prayers for them.  She would take them aside and pray quietly.  And honestly, even if I was privy to the prayer, my mind was focused on my after church dinner at Wyatt’s Cafeteria more so than their prayer line. 

As with all God-fearing Aunties, she took that exact moment to witness to me about

prayer.  Aunt Lucille explained to me I can pray the exact prayer I wanted for my life and she would do the same – pray for what she wanted for my life.  She was more concerned with my peace of mind whereas I was concerned with what I wanted – at the time.  She further explained I did not need to go to her to send up a special prayer.   I could have saved my mama that trip and prayed from my home for the return of the dog.  

So many people wait for others to pray for them when they are in need.  Although there is nothing wrong with asking others to do so, one still needs to consider how much time they spend in intentional prayer for themselves to commune with God.  Remember, you do not need any one to set your prayer up, to validate your prayer, or to do a follow-up call to God.  He hears your prayers.   

Also, remember, prayer can change your perspective over your experiences.  When my Auntie prayed for peace over my life during that moment, it changed my perspective over losing my dog.  Instead of being focused on what I wanted, I focused on what God wanted for me – which was peace.

As you develop in the Spiritual Quadrant, increase your prayer time.  And remember others in your prayer to call on peace for their lives with whatever they are experiencing.  Pray for God’s will because our wants and desires are clouded by the humanity of situation.  In all things, we should pray for what will draw us closer to him. 

What song(s) do you listen to that speak directly to how you are feeling?  The songs that comfort you or encourage you? 

Here is a playlist I started.  I hope you enjoy it. 

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