Great Expectations

24 May 2016
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24 May 2016, Comments: 2

As we moved through prom and graduation season this year, my daughter prepared for her upcoming senior year.  Someone asked me if I would have a harder time letting her go than I did my son when he left last year.  I did not answer directly as I knew the separation would be difficult but I had not gauged to what degree. I replied, “I was eager to see what the world would show my son. Now, I’m eager to see what my daughter will show the world.”


My son left home thinking he knew everything.  I am certain a little of that was necessary for him to have the confidence to go so far from home.  It was not long before the world revealed so many layers of knowledge to him and he was trying to absorb them all.  It was so fun listening to him share what he was learning – not just in his college classes but about everything.


My daughter asks questions all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time.  You get it?  All the time.  She is so quiet about her research that many people underestimate her.  Once when she was little, no more than three, we were teaching her older brother the books of the Bible for his Bible class.  She has a small Bible for herself that she carried around and we all read stories to her.  He had a bigger Bible and his study book that she was allowed to look at while he took his bath.  One night during his Bible class, it was big brother’s turn to say the books of the bible.  He got stuck on a book and Lil Gal  picked it up the recitation of the books of the new testament.  Her pronunciation of Leviticus (La-feet-ick-us) tickled all of the teachers but we knew and she knew exactly what she was saying.  Now Big Brother was mad but he let her finish.  The tapping of her foot and the cadence she carried was the cutest thing.  Too bad we were not recording every single life event when my kids were little.  Nevertheless, you get the picture.  She is tiny now and she was tiny then standing in front of the big kids.


I expect this will happen when she leaves home.  People will be surprised when she shows the worlds “What she’s got!” And I can’t wait to see it!!!

2 responses on “Great Expectations

  1. Margaret says:

    Can one REALLY prepare for an empty nest?! My one and only leaves home in August. Im not sure how I will act. I can say that I plan to fill some of my time with more travelling and taking guitar lessons…for starters. I aleo plwn to try DATING again!! (Its been soooooo long)!

    • Stacia says:

      I think those are wonderful plans!!! Like you, I have no idea how I will behave but I do have some plans!