Energy and Justice For All

27 August 2013
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27 August 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Energy and Justice For All

When I tell you I was weary yesterday, that is an understatement! I’d done my time at the gym early in the morning and performed the usual get everybody out the door activities.  Went to work and started out being very productive.  Midday, my mother called to tell me she was not feeling well.  Got her to the hospital, diagnosed, and checked into a room.  This is all routine so I’m, basically, going through the motions and managing the stress of it all quite well.

As I am driving home after the second visit to the hospital, I get a call from my younger cousin and her nearly 3 year old daughter.  Baby cousin announces, “I got some’thn to tell you!”  And she launches into the pledge of allegiance.  She said it with so much enthusiasm and it lit up my heart.  But what she said at the end was therapy for my soul.  She said very loudly and clearly, “WITH ENERGY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!”  I was at a red light clapping as if Whitney Houston had just finished singing the national anthem.  I was so excited for the smart little girl and her mom.  Talked to them all the way home.  But I was even more blessed as I walked through my nighttime preparation for the next day.   Even though her words were not all right and even though I could not understand every thing she said, she said it ALL with much enthusiasm and fire.  She did not let anything stop her from her initial announcement of, “I got some’thn to tell you!”

How far would we get in life if we just pushed through our insecurities, our inaccuracies, or our deficiencies?  And not just trudged through but pushed through with enough “ENERGY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!”


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