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20 years of experience including the highlights and the shortfalls helped to create this dynamic training for aspiring clinicians. There are so many twists and turns that are never mentioned in graduate coursework, even when you tell the instructors your goal of being in private practice. The next cohort begins October 23, 2020.





You will build a solid infrastructure to ensure you have a viable and sustainable practice which fits your professional goals to sustain your personal needs.

You will identify your target population and develop a comprehensive plan for reaching the audience best suited for your practice.  

You will develop a comprehensive  branding and marketing package promoting your services highlighting your focus area. 

You will have access to private practitioners with substantial professional experience as well as the collaborations with other members of the cohort.

This Cohort is Amazing

Package A

Due at registration
$ 1600
One time payment

Package B

Three Monthly Payments
$ 548
Monthly for 3 months

Package C

Five Monthly Payments
$ 335
Monthly for five months

Use my extensive experience in running a private practice to learn about common pitfalls which will drastically impact your sustainability and income. 

Formatted programming designed to systematically guide you through the foundational development to the launch. 

Access to one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure you are establishing sound goals with an appropriate plan of action which supports a vibrant launch. 

Questions? Let's Talk!

I am here to help you identify and develop a private practice that is suitable for your professional skill set.  These are the parameters necessary to develop and are rarely addressed in graduate programing.  

Schedule a consultation and assessment at no charge. Complete the information to get going and on your way to being in private practice.