How Accountability Leads to Building a Platform for Your Passion


What is your passion? It is 2020 and you are saying to yourself, “This year will be different!” “This decade will be different!”  “My life will be different!” After all the vision boards are done. After all the journal entries are made. After all the networking meetings are attended.  After all the budgets are created. After all the rededications to church are declared. And after the meal prepping is done. Are you living and breathing in your passion? 


Ask yourself that question regularly especially if you are doing something you dread.  Look at your life through the lens of a microscope and dissect what you are doing to create a space where you can live and breathe in your passion.  


I have been working with women for years who softly say, “I don’t know.  I just never thought I would have this many regrets.” Or, “I just feel so unsettled. I don’t know what’s wrong because I have a good life.” 


Accountability leads to building a platform for your passion because you will use a microscope to get a better understanding of who you are as a person in the four quadrants of accountability; relationships, professional, spiritual, and self-care.  Each of those areas contribute to the core of who you are as a person. When you are out of balance in either of those, you expend more energy trying to gain the balance we need for overall peace. 


And consider this, if you are expending energy on balancing one or more of the four quadrants, you have less time to create a space to operate in your passion.  


Accountability is such a stabilizing force in our lives because it requires us to look at what we do or do not do that defines who we are as a person.  People with low levels of accountability tend to: 

  1. Blame other people for their own shortcomings
  2. Begin, stop, and start repeatedly without true ascension
  3. Spend too much time in regret
  4. Compare themselves to others to the detriment of their own self peace
  5. Engage in ineffectual patterns of behaviors which result in stagnant outcomes year after year


If you know you are not walking in your purpose and able to live in your passion, take a self-inventory based on the quadrants.  You can begin with the Quadrant Assessments to gain a baseline:

Relationship Quadrant:

Spiritual Quadrant:

Professional Quadrant:

Self-Care Quadrant:


Use this as a launching ground to begin your exploration into Accountability.  As you round out each area to higher functioning, you gain a greater sense of who you are as a person and what you really want and need for your life.  Carve out the time to do this work and live up to the declarations you are making for your life! 

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