Does God Whisper to You?

12 January 2016
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12 January 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Does God Whisper to You?

My son turned 19 years old this month and I did not cry. That’s a huge milestone for me because I truly was unprepared for parenting an adult.  I’ve cried on just about every birthday my kids have had since I realized they were preparing to leave home.  I knew in middle school that I wanted to be a mother but I never envisioned the children growing up and moving away from home.  They were always in the house, in my dreams, and we were all one big happy family.   So, when I had a son, I was so thankful.   He was so fat and cuddly and just an easy baby.  If he cried, you for sure knew he was wet or hungry (or had gas).  Maybe because he was so easy-going, he was a late talker.  My grandmother said it was because we did everything for him, he did not need to talk. Hmmm, I can go with that – no argument from me.  But when he found his voice, he asked all kinds of questions.

Does God Whisper to YouSA

So, it was not odd for us to talk during his bath time because he asked about something new every day.  As I was washing his back one night, he casually asked, “Does God speak to you?”  I figured it was a general question, and answered a little too quickly, “Yes.”  He turned to face me and asked more directly, “No, does he speak to YOU?” as if he wanted to move me out of the generalization of the statement to a more personal analysis.  When I did not answer him, my son said, “Mom, does God whisper to you?” Now, I’m getting nervous.  So, I said, “Why?”  This little person who still needed his back washed, snatched the towel out of my hand and said, “Never mind.  You wouldn’t understand.”  I understood.  I just wasn’t ready for a preschooler to have such an experience.


I have no words to convey the chills that ran through my body.  See, when I was pregnant with him, I felt like God had so richly blessed me just to be able to carry a child.  And then when he was still in a diaper, I had the same feeling as he stood in the bed and held a toddler bible screaming incomprehensible words as if he was preaching a sermon while I sat on the floor and watched.  Then I felt the chills again, when he said I wouldn’t understand while I washed his back that night.


Are you in that place? God is talking to you, but you don’t understand.  Do you have so much going on that you can not hear God’s voice over all of the noise?  My son got my attention that night and made sure I heard him.  What does God need to do to get your attention?


As you consider getting back to the basics, remember this!  THERE IS NOTHING BASIC ABOUT GOD!  The only thing basic when it comes to God  – is US!!! NO matter what we think we have going on, we need to be able to hear God, especially when he whispers to us!


Luke 11:28

But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

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