Devotions for Accountability

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Scriptures and Affirmations for Accountability

Devotions for Accountability is an extension of August Accountability which maintains the constructs of the four quadrants. 

  • Spiritual
  • Relationships
  • Professional
  • Self-Care

God’s direction is the most important step of accountability, surpassing any other instructions or direction I can offer any one.  With a focus on what He would have our lives, we are setting a foundation of stability an consistency in a world where things are changing daily.

GAI Devotional

Building on the Four Quadrants which have helped hundreds of women
achieve their goals by building higher levels of Accountability.

You will receive at least four weekly devotionals for the month.  

Use each one to develop your goals and increase your levels of accountability in each of the quadrants. 

Testimonials from August Accountability Participants

Amazing information. Message was on point about accountability. Teach me. I'm ready to listen.
Dr. Alexander is the full package. Down to earth and excellent coach/counselor. She will encourage and support you to win the game of life.
Dr. Alexander is an encouraging, powerful woman of God who applies practical and medical knowledge to help the everyday person.  I was inspired by her candor and reflected on the lessons and speakers during the 2017 August Accountability.  Thank you for giving me real advice that has already changed by life for the better.