Brang Yo Azz On!

13 April 2013
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13 April 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Brang Yo Azz On!


Anyone who knows me well, understands how much I hate malls and hate shopping.  But because my Lil Gal is in need of a few outfits, I sucked it up and took her and her friend to the local mall.  If I was a drinking woman, I would have had a glass of wine before I left because I knew I was in for a Saturday afternoon escapade.   I was not disappointed.   I adjusted to the cussing teenagers surrounding the mall. I stopped my mouth from flopping open when all I could see was backside hanging out of short shorts and boobs out of low cut blouses.  I even stopped whipping my head around when I heard a toddler tantrumming about one thing or another.  But there was one thing I simply could not move past.
Right as my smile was just about fully formed while looking at a young couple with their children, the mother turned to the oldest child who’d slightly strayed away and yelled, “Brang yo azz on!”
It hit me hard as a rock! That very statement is why the short shorts, low tops, cussing teenagers, and tantrumming kids were everywhere.  A resounding call needs to be made that an overhaul of parenting tactics is needed to save the next generation.
Kids need guidance, respect, discipline, routine, boundaries and love to grow into productive citizens that will effectively manage our society.
 I’m still at the mall so I can’t go into great detail. But trust, more will come on this matter.

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