10 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: Childhood

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After my parents divorced, my great Aunt Lucille would scoop me up just about every Sunday to attend church alongside her family. I loved being around their family and the perk of going to Wyatt’s Cafeteria after church each Sunday was the icing on the cake. We sat in the same area just about every time we visited and my favorite waitress would come around repeating the only three words she knew in English, “Coffee, Tea, Wata?”

16 December 2020
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When the Holidays Aren’t Holly

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Our burdens swirl in our mind and consume so much of our energy that we are depleted. Spending time with people who treasure us is one of several sources we have to restore. If we miss that time, as so many of us are doing in 2020 due to the pandemic, we find that our reserves fall far too low. Make sure you read my blog on creative ways to cope as they may be helpful in recovering the positive energy for the holiday season. If you need some help digging in to recalibrate and restore, please seek some help from a licensed mental health clinician. You deserve it.

29 November 2020
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Keys to Creative Coping

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To convey how healing the process of starting a garden from dust would take far more than a blog post. Suffice it to say that whatever growth you see in my garden, is an assortment of petals in my healing and coming to terms with the separation of spirits as one sailed away to spend eternity with our father while the other serves the remainder of her time on earth serving our father. And everytime I sit in my garden, I feel that much closer to the memories and the essence of who she is in my life. She will never be a “was” because I carry her inside of me.

29 November 2020
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Pray for Power Over Your Perspective

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Also, remember, prayer can change your perspective over your experiences.  When my Auntie prayed for peace over my life during that moment, it changed my perspective over losing my dog.  Instead of being focused on what I wanted, I focused on what God wanted for me – which was peace.

2 February 2020
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Check in with College Students

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College was exciting and created a constant whirlwind of challenges the entire time I was in undegrad.  I had the bright idea of double […]