5 April 2016
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What I Learned from Christian Memes

5 April 2016, Comments: Comments Off on What I Learned from Christian Memes

Have you seen the memes going around highlighting the difficulty in being Christlike in your response to foolishness? I probably laugh too hard when […]

8 March 2016
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8 March 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Boundaries

Most things change and as with many other things in my life over the last year, my neighborhood sanctuary has changed also. Our little […]

16 February 2016
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The Importance of Praying Over Your Children

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Families come through the office doors every day looking for answers to help their children feel better, do better, act better, behave better, sleep […]

2 February 2016
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What Will Make My Marriage Last?

2 February 2016, Comments: 1

The first time a friend told me she was getting a divorce was devastating to me.  I was about 25 years old,  newly married, […]

28 January 2016
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My Rosie: A Grandmother’s Wisdom

28 January 2016, Comments: 3

Being the only child of my parents lent itself to many privileges, one of which was spending quality time alone with each of my […]