August Accountability 2017 Why Journal?

5 August 2017
Comments: 2
5 August 2017, Comments: 2


Saturdays are a little more relaxed than the rest of the week and I will respect that during August Accountability.  On Saturdays, you will see a quote to prompt reflection.

Dawson Trotman’s statement, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips.”  This is a powerful statement. People tend to ruminate over their experiences internally.  Each time it’s reviewed, nearly the same conclusions are made.  However, as you begin to speak or write about the experience, the vocalization or visualization of the experience becomes clearer with each exchanged word.  That’s why you hear people saying, “I feel better just talking about it,” or “I never thought about it that way.”

So, start making some final decisions today about the following:

  1. Will you use a journal (if even for a short period of time)?
  2. Who is your Accountability Partner(s). Will you have one for each quadrant or one overall?
  3. Or will you use a Mentor or a Life Coach for Accountability rather than an Accountability Partner?
  4. Which Quadrant will you focus on this month? More than one?
  5. Are you ready to make some serious changes at this time in your life?


We have discussed the Quadrants in considerable detail.  If you have not seen the posts for Days 1 – 4, take some time to scroll through and read the information.  This is the fourth year of August Accountability and each year women share how much of an impact it had on their goal-setting perspective.  I want to hear from you too! And your voice will bless others.

Make note: We will have our first guest Accountability Ambassador Monday night.  Dr. Japonica Walker will share with us in the Spiritual Quadrant.

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2 responses on “August Accountability 2017 Why Journal?

  1. Le'Kila Livingston says:

    I will be using a journal, in fact, I have already started. I have my accountability partners I feel will really help me, push me, and keep me motivated although I know I expressed how I want a mentor, but feel I made the best decision for now. I will be focusing on all the quadrants in my life, however, I will be putting all my energy into the spiritual quadrant, relationship quadrant, and the self-care quadrant. I am anxious but I am ready to make some serious changes in my life.

    • Stacia says:

      That’s an excellent introduction into changing some things about your life – increased awareness. With your accountability partners, be transparent in what you are looking to accomplish and the time period for your journey. Give them permission to challenge you. If you use the anxiety as a source of energy rather than a blockage, you will find that it propels you in this journey rather than hinders you! Thank you for the feedback! This month is going fabulously!