August Accountability 2017: Spiritual Quadrant

17 August 2017
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17 August 2017, Comments: Comments Off on August Accountability 2017: Spiritual Quadrant

I remember the first church I chose on my own without the guidance of a relative or friend.  In college, I attended the University of Texas at Arlington During our pledge period, the Ivies attended church together every Sunday.  We visited Mount Oliver Baptist Church in Arlington and I was in love.  Long after we crossed over, I continued to attend the first “mega” church I had ever seen in my life.  I stayed long after I graduated and met my husband there, raised our kids for most of their years there.   I met and still talk to so many Godly and faithful Christians.

One person made a huge impact on my understanding of evangelism throughout my membership there. She would evangelize anywhere and enjoyed sharing her experiences in the women’s group.  She carried tracks around in her car and generously shared them with the sackers at the grocery store, clerks in restaurants, people in the post office, and random people.  She showed absolutely no reserve when talking about the goodness of Christ.

Although I have a lot more work to do in terms of my outreach, I use her as an example in having the boldness necessary for evangelism.  I am mindful of the “no promises lecture” about our lives and the people we meet.

Perhaps, that is why God has gifted me with August Accountability.  I have asked him for direction every year and every year people call and tell me how much of impact it has had on their lives.

Honestly, I do not “have to have” feedback. What I do appreciate is how many others benefit from the feedback the readers and watchers share.  So, please engage in the group.  You never know who will gain from seeing how you have handled different areas of your life.  You never know how much your passive evangelism will help others.  And if you want to aggressive in your evangelism, write the Love Letter (Christian Love) to someone sharing your faith.  Mail it to them and intentionally pray for them.

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