August Accountability: 2017 Quadrant Analysis

3 August 2017
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3 August 2017, Comments: Comments Off on August Accountability: 2017 Quadrant Analysis

The entire month, as we discuss Accountability, we will further address the construct by operating in domains that I have identified as Quadrants.  When I work with guests in my practice, I spend some time with them compartmentalizing the struggles they are having.  Each person is able to assign their situation to a specific quadrant.

The reason I do this is to help them understand how merging all of their experiences into one big ball created a weight on their shoulders that often felt unbearable.  In compartmentalizing their issues, they are able to observe how addressing each separately is easier to manage.  When a person globalizes all of their trying experiences into one big huge “BAD EXISTENCE,” the rob themselves of humanity.  As human beings, we can not handle everything which is why God sent His son to die for our sins on the cross.

So, the work then becomes  more focused because they are tackling one area or two at a time rather than taking on the task of addressing all of them together.


So, let’s go because you will have some homework for today – unless this is not your first time participating in August Accountability.

The Four Quadrants are titled





For your journal entry today (or your private blog, your private vlog, text to self, etc.), record what things in your life are irritating, confusing, and scaring you and segment them into the quadrants. Take some time to really think about it so you are prepared to join in the discussion tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will carefully look at each of the 4 quadrants.


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