August Accountability 2017: Quadrant Analysis Part 2

4 August 2017
Comments: 2
4 August 2017, Comments: 2

The objective for today is for each of us to carefully consider the intricacies of achieving peace in our lives while working on our goals.

We miss the peaceful component of it because some of us are floundering and moving from one thing to the other.

While some of us are not at peace because we are over extending ourselves in one quadrant while working hard in another quadrant.

Get your journals and jot some notes for each of the quadrants to prepare for the interviews we will watch later in the month.


In the Spiritual Quadrant, think about the level of importance you have placed on your spiritual development and compare it to how much time you actually spending nurturing your spirituality through your personal devotion time, your corporate fellowship and through evangelism.

With the Relationship Quadrant, many initially reflect on romantic or family relationships.  If you really look at this area of our lives, you have relationships in every aspect of  you life.  Are those relationships nurturing you or hurting you?  Spend some time thinking about how this effects your peace.


What’s your first thought when you read there is a Professional Quadrant? Extend beyond your career or employment aspirations.  The quadrant encourages you to think about education and the role it plays in your life.  Knowledge is the basic pursuit of knowledge.  How often do you read or watch programs which are enlightening but have no connection with your career?  Finally, it includes a piece on finances which ranges from your current status and your future planning.

Finally, the Self-Care Quadrant encompasses our health and not just your physical health but your emotional health as well.  The cognitive portion involves the things you tell yourself and how much you believe it impacts your life.  Image is related to the “You” you present to others as compared to who you really are.  Lastly, they all combine to formulate your self-concept.


This is a quick synopsis of the information.  If you would like to further analyze where you are in each quadrant, click here and I will email the inventory to you.   And remember the #GAI Planner gives you an annual review of each of the quadrants with scriptures, affirmations, and assignments all focused on accountability, growth, and peace.

Remember to comment and engage on the posts.  I check in throughout the day to dialogue daily.

2 responses on “August Accountability 2017: Quadrant Analysis Part 2

  1. Le'Kila Livingston says:

    Over all, I enjoyed today’s message, and I am feeling more and more open as far as my outlook on life, and how I view myself. I come from a strong Christian background, but I have always struggled with my faith. Not in the way that I don’t believe, but in the way that I find it challenging to spend time with the Lord, in my Daily devotion, and prayer. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I no longer feel connected to God, and I don;t know how to move forward. As far as relationships go I have a pretty solid foundation, however, I have identified the people I need to let go of as they are doing damage to my spiritual being. I know this will not be is, but I feel its time I think about myself for a change. I am always there for others even when I’m in need of help. In the professional quadrant I always think of school, and business plans I have in mind for the future. I have however been finding myself reading up on new ideas or at least new to me to feed my mind and my career choice. Lastly, my self-care is not the best. I feel this is primarily due to the fact that I often find myself thinking of how my life should be right now, or how it could be different. Also, I compare myself to other young women my age who are thriving, and I wonder to myself, What am I doing wrong? or Why Am I not where I want to be in life. I know this is not healthy and I am trying to turn this into some type of positive thought and encouragement to myself like if she can do so can I. Its just hard some time, and this caused me to feel depressed at times, so I find it difficult to take time out for myself and take care of my overall well being, I’m a work in progress and I will not give up on myself.

    • Stacia says:

      These are all great entries for your journal. Once you have identified the obstacles you are facing, then you and your accountability partner can begin brainstorming on ways to address them. It’s similar to developing a business plan – call it a vision plan. What do you envision for your life in each of those quadrants. Then you can set a plan for moving from what you are experiencing now to what you envision. I hope you view the video that will post on Monday with Dr. Japonica Walker. She is the Accountability Ambassador I interviewed for the Spiritual Quadrant. We actually discuss feeling out of fellowship. I am looking forward to hearing what you think.