August Accountability 2017 Proverbs 16:9

6 August 2017
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6 August 2017, Comments: Comments Off on August Accountability 2017 Proverbs 16:9

Each Sunday will focus on the Spiritual Quadrant even though we may discuss it on other days of the week, as well.  When I think about goal-setting, I am reminded of a conversation with a high school friend and I had sitting in the beauty shop one day  (we were adults at the time).  We spent hours in the beauty shop getting our hair done so we had tons of time to talk about different topics.  This particular night, I had my notepad out and was working on my bills.  When she looked at my notepad, she noticed I had my bills listed for the next four or five months.  We jokingly talked about how far in advance I planned my money and my expenditures.  Up until that point, I thought every one did the same thing.  My mother and I did it with her salary when I was a kid.  She showed me where the household money went and what we could afford.  So, as an adult, I continued the practice.   Even though her and I laughed about it, it was at that point  I realized what was normal to me may not be so normal, after all.

Even though I had goals for my money at that time, it was inevitable that something would happen to sidetrack me on the goals I had set for saving. The car would break down. I would overspend on a trip.  I got a ticket for speeding. It was always something.  It is that way with our lives, period.  We can have a plan to reach some goals we have, but things happen.  The only thing we can attest to is that God is in control of everything regardless of what we have planned.  We know what we want.  However, do we know what God wants for our lives?

This is why I now focus on Proverbs 16:9.  We can think about what we want.  In the thinking, we need to appreciate that God orchestrates our steps. And just like a dance couple moving about the floor to the beat of the music; the woman follows the man’s lead – we need to follow God.  Where His steps lead us is where we should go instead of where we want to go.  I am certain there are many women in this group who can share their experiences of going the route they wanted instead of what God ordained.  What happened? 

So, as you record in your journal today, include a prayer of direction and cooperation.  Ask God to direct you and give you a spirit of cooperation.

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