August Accountability 2017: 31 Days of Action

1 August 2017
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1 August 2017, Comments: Comments Off on August Accountability 2017: 31 Days of Action


We are finally here!!!

What is all of this about?

Four years ago, as I was preparing for my oldest son’s senior year of high school, I began to think about my next move.  As I began to write and journal about the things I had flying around my mind, I realized how disorganized and confused I was about life as an empty nester.  In my attempt to make sense of the thoughts going through my head, I began to post the outline to my professional Facebook page.  Barely anyone commented on the posts but I kept going through the month because the more I wrote and the more I processed, the lighter I felt about planning the next phase of my life.  That first year was illuminating for me and I implemented many of the goals I created through that time because I divided them into four different areas which I named “Quadrants.”





The next year rolls around and my son is leaving for college.  Although I had done no preparation, I set about digging in when August rolled around because I recalled how elevating it was the prior year.  This time, more people noticed and more inbox messages came to me about the posts.  It was a particularly difficult season in my life because my oldest was leaving home and I had a hysterectomy that summer.  That was a lot for me to process and in spite of me wanting to crawl under a blanket and hibernate, I kept writing.  That second year, with the help of a wonderful and gifted spirit, Karen Anderson, I recorded some of the concepts and posted them on Youtube and Facebook.

As the third year rolled around, I found myself wanting more.  The Four Quadrants I developed the first year expanded as I talked to more people and received feedback.  The beauty of the third year, was my continued desire to develop in each of the quadrants.  With the development, I invited other women to share their stories and how they related to accountability.  The experience was wonderful!  You can still see those interviews in the private FB Group.

As I have built on the prior years, 2017 is no different.  We are in for a magnificent time and most of it is virtual.

I will post all information daily at midnight.  Do not feel pressured to check in at a specific time, just check in daily!! Engage in the conversation and embrace the information. Although some of the areas may not apply to you, be patient because there is something for everyone!

For today, these are some tools I strongly suggest for you to have ready to use for the month!

  1. Your device; desktop, cell phone, tablet, etc.   You will need to check in daily to get the information.
  2. Journal: I can appreciate the written language on a piece of paper.  I still read journals for my 20’s.  You choose the type of journal that works best for you.  You will see at the end how it helps to formulate your thoughts.  There is a #GAI Planner for August 2017 – July 2018 available for purchase that has all of the information included.   Check the products section of this website.

Finally, this month we have four fabulous guests I interviewed in front of a live audience to prepare for this August Accountability.  The schedule for their broadcast times are:

August 7, 2017; Spiritual Quadrant

Dr. Japonica Walker, Naturopathy

August 14, 2017; Relationship Quadrant

Veronica Winfield, First Lady of Potter’s House Ft. Worth

August 16, 2017;  Self-Care Quadrant

Amiya Cleveland, Owner of Studio 21 Salon and Production Studio; Professional MUA

August 21, 2017; Professional Quadrant

Yolanda Harper; Author, Speaker, Trainer


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