LPC – Supervision

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervision


I have been in private practice since 1999 and worked in the mental health field in a private practice setting. The focus of my private practice work has been with a variety of ages including: children in play therapy, activity therapy, adolescents, pre-marital, couples, and individual counseling. 

I am currently the Clinic Director at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. In counseling, I practice a model that has a foundation of a systems perspective with cognitive- behavioral techniques. I was a supervisor in the past and released the notation while working on my doctorate degree. I re-enstated the supervisor status in the Spring of 2018. 

I have supervised bachelor, master, and doctorate level mental health programs since 2010; counseling, psychology, and nurse practitioners.


My supervision style is direct and will be discussed in greater detail should you choose Positive Influences as your site. I believe in equipping clinicians with the skills necessary to help our communities transition from a fear of mental illness to an awareness of mental health. 

Students who do well here are those who have self-initiative and are open to working with people who would not normally seek professional counseling services. 

Positive Influences is a diverse practice inside and out; clinicians and clients. The students who come here appreciate the diversity in terms of clinicians and clients but also the presenting diagnoses and needs. It is a thriving practice with located in Dallas.  As well, I have working relationships with other entities in which students can acquire hours.


LPC-Supervision is a valuable experience for both the supervisor and the supervisee.  

You can expect an open line of communication between you and me to ensure you gain the knowledge necessary to prepare you for independent practice. 

You will have available to you the option between individual and group formats.  You are required to complete at least two individual supervision sessions monthly and can combine then with two group sessions to round out the monthly requirements. 

My fees include a group rate and an individual rate and I strictly abide by the LPC Board Rules of Supervision.  

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