Corporate Audiences

Corporate Audiences

Retain my services to highlight the need for emotional development among not only your staff but your executive team, as well.   Join the necessary work of normalizing focus on mental health in all sectors of life, including the workplace.  Prepare your team for dynamic presentations to support your company.

Questions you can expect from me...

What has been the most pressing issue for the staff with which you would like me to present? 

Are the professional levels of the audience a combination of executives and entry level positions or will there be specifications on who attends? 

Which format is your organization considering for my role in the program: Keynote, Workshop, or Panel?

What is the length of time you would like me to present?

What is your budget for my role in the phenomenal program you are planning? 

Who is the contact liaison for the event planning? 

Are you interested in a virtual or face-to-face presentation?


Some examples of prior engagements.  This does not represent the full spectrum of topics.  Please contact me to discuss specific needs for your organization.

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