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Booking Request for Dr. Alexander to speak at your event

While Dr. Alexander thoroughly enjoys speaking to groups of all ages, she spends significant time, energy, and resources preparing for presentations.  

Therefore, there is a booking fee for all speaking engagements. 

What you can professionally expect from me in retaining my services:

  1. Detailed introductory meeting to ensure we are best suited for each other before proceeding. 
  2. Prompt delivery of pre-event services
  3. A detailed questionnaire from me to the event coordinator to ensure your goals and objectives are met for the programming
  4. Prompt response to inquiries concerning event planning
  5. Dynamic presentations delivered with engaging and informative materials.  I have been known to create websites specifically for groups for them to utilize permanently after the presentation. 

How Can I Help You?

Keynote Address
Workshop/Breakout Facilitator
Panelist Appearance
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Professional Training

Professional Speaking Services


Retain my services to highlight the need for emotional development among not only your staff but your executive team, as well.   Join the necessary work of normalizing focus on mental health in all sectors of life, including the workplace.  Prepare your team for dynamic presentations to support your company.


Personal and professional development means you are embracing the ability to continue growing.  My workshops and seminars are specifically designed to thread in principles of mental wellness with life skills to maximize potential. Each set is planned to meet the needs of the audience whether small or large. 


It would be wonderful if we began teaching about emotional and mental wellness as early as elementary school. Through my workshops, I teach young people to identify and  understand how their body feels with varying emotions. I also include information on handling the negative emotions.


The biggest hurdle to overcome with many people is an acceptance of the myth that mental illness is a sign of spiritual weakness.  My presentations defeat this notion with biblically based programming incorporating mental health tenets.  The goal is to enrich the spiritual experience and not devalue faith.

Professional Consulting Services

Administrators, Managers, and Directors often realize there are gaps in services that are not addressed through traditional training programs. Allow me to provide an mental wellness assessment comprised of identifying issues and solutions to aide in minimizing the components which are compromising operations and productivity. 

Practice Operations

Beginning a private clinical practice can be daunting.  I remember wishing someone with integrity and experience when I started.  Let me help you set a plan for success based on my extensive years of experience.  While I have a Private Practice Cohort that I run annually, there are packages available for individual development.  

Program Development

Perfect for organizations who are committed to supported mental wellness for the executive team and the staff.  Through personalized meetings, I provide a comprehensive tool for aiding the entire team on what corporate mental wellness appears and how helpful it is to productivity and operations. 

Career Guidance

This option is perfect for people in the mental health field who are unsure about which vector of the field they would like to pursue. A professional consult may thwart serious errors in direction and create a more fulfilling journey.  

Professional Development

As a professional, you have received educational training, practical experience, and mentorship to prepare you for your career.  However, it is unlikely you have emotionally prepared for the journey to success and how much of a swing it is on your mental well-being. The Emotionality of Success deserves your attention. 

S. Craig
S. Craig
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Dr. Alexander is a breath of fresh air in a world of "fake reality shows" and Facebook fantasies. She promotes positivity and personal growth. I definitely recommend her program called August Accountability to ladies that want to slow down, examine their life's trajectory, and address areas that may require some adjustments (e.g. spirituality, relationships, career, physical fitness, etc.).
Karen Anderson
Karen AndersonArtist, Magazine Executive
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I am so sad this is ending. This has been amazing. The interaction this year has been electric. I love reading of triumphs and failures. I loved the encouraging words to one another. This is a blessed my should. I have worked on all quadrants spurred by the talks here. Thank you for dreaming out loud. I can't wait until next year.
F. Gray
F. GrayEducational Administrator
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Today was awesome! What a great gathering of women today, celebrating a month of learning about ourselves and growing. I am so glad to have been a part of this magical month. #GAI indeed!
Virtual Attendee
Virtual AttendeeGrant Haliburton Event
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Dr. Alexander was amazing!! I am also an Amberton alum! Enjoyed her presentation! I learned so much and just wish this could be played in the media and larger platforms to be seen by ALL!!! But, I will use my platform as a therapist to convey this message and educate as best I can! Thank you!
Virtual Attendee
Virtual AttendeeBuckner Children's Home Event
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Great breakdown and practical application of being proactive and not reactive. Love this statement "Hope and resiliency are the cornerstones for overcoming challenges with a mindset of learning a lesson as opposed to being overwhelmed by loss."
Virtual Attendee
Virtual AttendeeN. Texas Counseling Association Event
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Very uplifting...Lots of interesting ideas and i really enjoyed the visuals that Stacia used.She is a vibrant and energetic speaker and really kept my attention.