A Hustle is Not a Calling

14 June 2014
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14 June 2014, Comments: Comments Off on A Hustle is Not a Calling

Some time ago, I had a cousin call and ask about my line of work.  He was sincere in his inquiry and even more interested in what he thought my earnings were based on my profession.  My grandmother became very upset about the inquiry while I was nonchalant about the phone call.  She scolded me by reminding me of how hard I’d worked and sacrificed to build the business through my education and professional experiences.  I took everything she said in stride. Perhaps, I was not angered by his inquiry because after the phone call, he dropped the entire matter.

A HUSTLE IS NOT A CALLINGAbout a month ago, a lady called me about a service offered through the company I manage.  As we were preparing to end the phone call, she asked for a “personal” moment of my time.  This lady spent the next five minutes explaining to me how I’d taken the time, approximately ten years prior, to talk to her about the counseling profession.  She was working in a job she knew was not her “Calling” and I offered suggestions on moving to the next level.  She’d told herself if she ever had the chance to thank me, she would do so.  So, our paths crossed again, and she thanked me – for taking the time to talk to her then and now.  I also thanked her for blessing me.  She’d warmed my heart in sharing her testimony and how I was a part of her journey to move out of a HUSTLE and into a CALLING.

See, a hustle is based on a quick turn around.  Very little time investment with the hopes of a huge return.  The Urban Dictionary defines it as “anything you need to do to make money…be it sellin’ cars, drugs, ya body.  If you makin’ money, you hustling.”  My cousin saw my career as a HUSTLE.  The young lady who called years later recognized it as CALLING.  She shared with me the time and dedication she invested into her career and was considerate enough to thank me for the small contribution I made.

Rick Warren made millions telling people to have a purposed driven life.  Long before he realized his CALLING was to instill this message in the minds of millions, God told us in His word –photo (1)

When you are searching for YOUR CALLING, consider what God would have you do with a portion of your life regardless of the level of education required, training, or development – find it in your heart to invest in it.  It’s not simply about the income, it’s about your impact on the lives of others.  When I consider that since I opened this agency over 10,000 people have been touched, I’m humbled.  It was not through my will because I’ve been weary often.  It was through the direction that was placed on my life to, not just walk in this CALLING, but to leap, run, flip, and rejoice in this CALLING that the people have been touched.

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If you did not put in the time and dedication for your CALLING, perhaps it was a HUSTLE all along.  Perhaps, you were CALLED to do something else and you’ve been distracted.  Take some time to develop insight into who you are so that you can draw out the purpose of your heart (Proverbs 20:5).  Perhaps, then, you will find yourself calling someone ten years from now to thank them about the contribution they made in your decision rather than thinking it was a HUSTLE that got them to the level you are witnessing.

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