3 Pro Tips to Help You Build on the Basics

5 January 2016
5 January 2016, Comments: 2

There are times in your life when the simplicity of things make more of an impact than taking fancy steps to add flair to your life.  Do you get so caught up in what others are doing that you forget about the multitude of talents and strengths which have helped you accomplish some of your greatest feats?  It’s not that you don’t have the capabilities, it’s that some adjustments are needed to tackle the next hurdle.  In August, during our August Accountability series, many took inventory in several areas of their lives; spiritual, physical, professional, and self.  A recurring theme noticed in different conversations I had with some of you, was starting over.  Just cleaning house, in whatever area, and starting over.  It was a call to consider the basic things that were helpful in achieving prior successes and build on those.


  1. Begin by assessing those qualities you have which have been helpful; are you outgoing? are you organized, are you tenacious? are you lazy? are you unmotivated?


Do you know what your strong traits are?  Take 15 minutes to complete an inventory available through my counseling agency, http://PositiveInfluences.pro.viasurvey.org.  Answer the questions honestly and use these to determine what your basics are, more positive than negative or the opposite.


  1. I cannot say this enough, develop a written plan of action to build on the positive traits you have which have been useful in the past.


Start with a 21 day plan with an end date action of looking at your progress.  Stop messing around and get serious about the changes you want in your life.


  1. You know what’s next, get an accountability factor in your life; a person, a trainer, a group, etc.

Even if you are a naturally self-sufficient person, you will still see improvements by implementing an accountability factor.

2 responses on “3 Pro Tips to Help You Build on the Basics

  1. Shandon Guignard says:

    I always love your tips! They are life changing, thought provoking! Thank you!

    • adminstacia says:

      Thank you!!! I appreciate the feedback! There’s more to come. We are both going to keep reaching and reaching!!!