2021 January

17 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: Entrepreneur

17 January 2021, Comments: 0

You’re looking at my first headshot. I had been in business for over 10 years managing a private practice that I founded and operated. Over the years, I spearheaded programming that helped 10,000 people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex with very little marketing and professional business coaching. It was a blessing daily to see God’s grace manifested in my life. At that point, I had three practice locations in three different cities with 30 employees and things were looking marvelous.

16 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: Speaker

16 January 2021, Comments: 0

Long story short, I fell. I knew I fell. My friends knew I fell. And my husband certainly knew I fell when the stage changed from pitch black to light. And for that reason, I refused to look at him while I delivered my portion of the program to a full audience. I refused to look at him because I knew I would lose all composure and fall over in a complete ball of laughter if we made eye contact.

13 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: Marriage

13 January 2021, Comments: 0

Talk about figuring stuff out. Marriage has been a repeated “woosah” moment for 27 years. Initially, my insecurities were so overwhelming that I placed undue pressures on our marriage which really could have torn us apart.

12 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: College

12 January 2021, Comments: 0

“Are you a feminist?” the philosophy teacher asked the class that was focused on women in philosophy. Dr. Burgess-Jackson stumped me with the first words out of his mouth because I had never considered the term enough to have an answer. He used the Socratic teaching method, which was also new for me, resulting in him becoming the only professor I remember from my undergraduate studies. He engaged my mind to think beyond what he knew or believed. He guided us in making sense out of the world around us. As the only African-American in the class, I was aware of how very different I saw the world than the other ladies in the class. This led to many dynamic conversations that prompted me to think far beyond my limited view of the world.

11 January 2021
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Time’s Up for Insecurities: High School

11 January 2021, Comments: 0

I don’t know about you but high school was a bowl of insecurities for me. By second semester of my freshman year, I was riding a bus 45 minutes away from my neighborhood to attend magnet classes alongside kids from neighborhoods all over Dallas. I was a semester behind because I attempted to attend the neighborhood school and that did not go too well. That’s a story for another day.