5 August 2017
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August Accountability 2017 Why Journal?

5 August 2017, Comments: 2

  Saturdays are a little more relaxed than the rest of the week and I will respect that during August Accountability.  On Saturdays, you […]

4 August 2017
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August Accountability 2017: Quadrant Analysis Part 2

4 August 2017, Comments: 2

The objective for today is for each of us to carefully consider the intricacies of achieving peace in our lives while working on our […]

26 April 2016
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The Silent Counselor

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Somebody had money burning a hole in her pocket this weekend, so we ventured to the mall shopping for prom shoes, jewelry, and outfits […]

3 March 2015
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100/1 Syndrome

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    Stop robbing yourself of your peace! 

24 September 2013
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Stop Going in the Storm!

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You know I am a person of accountability which I think contributes to why I am harder on myself than anyone else.  If you […]