August Accountability

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The areas of your life which speak to the very core of who you are, your soul.  Identifying areas of need and building on those which provide a closer relationship with God is the beginning of  achieving peace and harmony. 


The delicate balance of discernment and relationship building is a skill well learned when striving for a centered synergy with others.  Accountability helps each person focus on their own contributions.


Understanding that professional development far exceeds career or vocational choices and expands to a daily pursuit of knowledge which equips us with tools for a vibrant and productive life. 


Every other quadrant is compromised when this area is neglected.  The accountability focuses on nurturing areas of self to not only have better physical health but to have better emotional health, as well. 

Why you should sign up now!

A fully interactive month long workshop every August filled with activities for each of the four quadrants.  Each quadrant is extensively discussed to help participants identify the areas of their every day routines them of their peace.  The harmony that we all seek is established by having high levels of accountability in the quadrants.  

2018 is the 5th year of August Accountability! The month will include a host of interviews from women who have high levels of accountability in one or more of the quadrants.  The signature core activities will help those who have participated annually continue to develop in each area.  And for new participants, they will understand what is keeping them from reaching their full potential!

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