Goals Don’t Have Feelings Talk Show

The first show to discuss the emotionality of success. Candid interviews with entrepreneurs, executives, corporate professionals who have all achieved success.

Dr. Alexander bridges the gap between business acumen and mental acuity to help others learn how to combat the emotional pitfalls of success. 

Each segment offers insight into the emotional and cognitive journey of success for the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals.  


Show Schedule/First Thur. 7pm


December 6, 2018

Facebook Live

Ed Mosley Jr.

                                 Author and CEO

“A Broken Man” &

 “No More Chains 2” 

Limitless Bounds

Rylan Morris


Intercession with RJ Morris

November 1, 2018

Mike Garrett

Founder and CEO of 

DJ Mike Productions

Carol Hampton

Founder and CEO of 

The Date Catering Services

Ashley Staten

Founder and CEO of

Chasonne Design

October 4, 2018

Leatha Sims

Founder and CEO of 

Texas Mumstar

Akyler McNeal

Founder and CEO of

Minyons Catering



We know there are many people who have overcome the emotional rollercoaster of climbing the success ladder and continue to manage it during their daily operations.  We want to hear your story!

Aspiring or New Professionals

Dr. Alexander is skilled at helping people achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Talking with her and proven professionals in similar fields will help aspiring and/or new professionals understand the emotionality of success. 

Other Organizations or Non-Profit Groups

This is the perfect platform to highlight your work.  We accept announcements and appearances from local organizations who want to share the information with hundreds of people and expand their reach. 

Business Advertisements

Advertising for varying platforms available.  

This would be great for your company or event and it is affordable.