Doctorate in


Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor


As the founder and executive director of Positive Influences, Dr. Alexander has managed a diverse group of clinicians skilled at providing quality evaluation and treatment services to individuals (children, women, and men), families, and groups.  She has been a full time practicing clinician for over 20 years.



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Her extensive knowledge of human psychology has served as a scholarly springboard to assess and connect with spiritual, professional, and corporate audiences around the country.   Her energy is contagious and she is skilled at delivering masterful presentations sure to wow your audience.  



She is the creator and self-proclaimed Accountability Ambassador spearheading the August Accountability Series – an annual month-long workshop teaching the Psychology of Success based on four core constructs.   

Dr. Alexander and her family released “The Balancing Act,” a family guide sharing their experiences in faith and family.  The ultimate family guide for generations to come. 

Devotions for Accountability

Scriptures and
Affirmations for Accountability
Devotions for Accountability is an extension of August Accountability which maintains the constructs of the four quadrants.


God’s direction is the most important step of accountability, surpassing any other instructions or direction I can offer any one. With a focus on what He would have our lives, we are setting a foundation of stability an consistency in a world where things are changing daily.