24 June 2014
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I Love My Mama but Not Like You Think…

24 June 2014, Comments: 6

I remember the first time I resented my mama.  It wasn’t because she told me I couldn’t have candy or I couldn’t go to […]

14 June 2014
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A Hustle is Not a Calling

14 June 2014, Comments: 1

Some time ago, I had a cousin call and ask about my line of work.  He was sincere in his inquiry and even more […]

7 June 2014
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When Christians Disagree

7 June 2014, Comments: 3

When Christians Disagree My childhood spiritual experiences are diverse.  My father sang in the choir while I was still small enough to lie across […]

11 October 2013
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Lil Gal

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Lil Gal is my daughter and I am reminded daily of how there is recovery and healing in life when we focus on God’s […]

26 September 2013
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My Rosie/Rosye

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Both of my grandmothers are named Rosie/Rosye.  So, when I was growing up, I thought all grandmothers were named so.  I used to ask […]